Student Tran Thi Nga's letter

TT Nga

I am Tran Thi Nga, currently 3rd year student at Can Tho University,  majoring to be a Literature Teacher .

I was born in a family of 5 with severe financial difficulties, we have a paper from the authorities confirming that we live under the poverty level. That's why my childhood was not an easy one. My parents had to earn a living, so they often gave my sister and me to the care of neighbours, while they went  away from dawn to dusk to work for other people. On some rare days, the neighbors would give us something to eat at noon, but on some other days, we had to wait for our parents' return in the late evening until we got something to eat. My younger sister often cried from hunger, i could do nothing else than take her in my arms and tell her: "baby, please don't cry, our parents will come back in the evening and cook something for us!". I thought: If our parents were not so poor, they would not have to work for others, so far from home, and me and my sister, we would not have to be away from Mom and DAd for such long hours! When we grew up, we had to help harvest the rice or take care of the ducks for other people. But since the birth of my youngest brother, life became even more difficult. We have no land. My parents have to work for other people to raise their 3 children. Sometimes they find no work at all, so their income has been most unstable. Only during the season of rice harvest, do they find work as hired laborers and the pay is low for farm hands.  Mom has been suffering from spinal degeneration and kidney stones. Dad’s health has also been affected by war, sciatica and fatty liver. My younger sister got to study in a different city so life became more difficult for us. Thus I had to work after school to get money to pay for the cost of living. With the recommendation from Ms. Phi, Ms. Phuong and other VNSDF volunteers, I got  the VNSDF scholarship, financial support and mentorship from Ms Lilian Dahlman. This scholarship helped me pay for the cost of living and studying.


Student Tran Thi Nga ( first girl from left side) and other VNSDF students

With the scholarship, I could afford to work less hard, given that my health has not been really good, and I had more time to take part in social activities. I joined a community-based student group named "StudentHope" in a workshop about Communication skills and helped this group in fundraising activities. As a member of the Management Board of Student Union of Ging Trôm, Bến Tre province, I helped in vocational orientation for 12th grade students, visited orphans in An Thanh church and Thien An center. 




Card from authorities confirming that the family lives below poverty line

Besides, with this support, I could learn English, buy good books for my study; the VNSDF training program also taught me new knowledge and helpful skills that I’ve never learnt before and helped me become more confident. I’m so grateful to Ms. Lilian, Ms. Phi, Ms. Phuong and other volunteers for helping me to achieve my dream of studying at the university and  gain more confidence. I will try my best to study well and become a good citizen to help other less fortunate people. Because “Living is giving,not just receiving for yourself”

Trần Thị Nga, literature student, CAN THO University



Thank you letter for Mrs Lilian Dahlman



" Dear Mrs Lilian Dahlman:

I'm sending you my best wishes for a good health and my warmest greetings. Dear Mrs Dahlman, I am Tran Thi Nga, a student who received the scholarship from you. During the last 3 years, this scholarship helped me achieve my dream of going to the University and becoming a teacher.

And today, when I hold the university diploma in my hands, i feel very very happy and from my heart i am thanking you who have helped me in recent times.

Please allow me to send you my most sincere thanks, I want to say " a BIG THANK YOU" to you!

Although I am not a student any more, but the attention you gave me will always be a motivation for me to make efforts in life, and overcome the challenges in my existence. I promise you that I will try my best to become a very good teacher to be worthy of your help.

If I had a wish, it would be to meet you one day and to say directly to you some heartfelt words of thanks!

Last, i wish you good health, joy, happiness, and much luck in your work as well as in your life.

Thank you and kind regards!



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