Student Tung volunteering during the Green Summer campaign (Mua He Xanh) in Dong Thap


Student Nguyen Thanh Tung

My name is Tung. I have received the VNSDF scholarship for two years. This scholarship is very special because it not only gives me money to support my study but also a sponsor and a mentor who give me a lot of advice in my life.


Technology University Student Nguyen Thanh Tung has gone through the VNSDF intensive training & mentoring program. On 24.4.2012, in Saigon, he received the Intel scholarship to study engineering at Portland State university in the US during the last year. 


According to one of our students, the VNSDF skill-building program not only gives our students "fish to eat " (a scholarship to pay for tuition fees), it also teaches them " how to catch - a bigger - fish" (here, the Intel scholarship)

It was a surprise when I got an email from Ms Phi that I received a VNSDF scholarship. This scholarship helped me pay for the tuition fees at the University of Technology. This money is very worthwhile for me because my mother has to take care of my sister, my younger brother and me. We are all studying now.

One thing that makes this scholarship so special is that I can keep contact with the sponsor and the mentor. My sponsor and mentor are very kind and friendly. Sometimes, they email me and ask about my study and my life in Vietnam. They want to know about some difficulties in my student’s life and give me lots of advice to solve them. Mr Tri and Mrs Kim Chi also gave me a gift from the US that made me very happy.




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Nguyen Thanh Tung receives awards

And also, Ms Phi who found the sponsor for me helps me a lot. She gave me information about the process to apply for a scholarship to study abroad- this is the dream that I want to achieve. When she visited Vietnam, she also took me and my friend to the Education fair to get information about some US universities. After taking advice from her, now I’m focusing on my English and doing a research at my school. This could help me improve my chances to go abroad to gain more knowledge and to see what developed countries do.

Last but not least, I want to say thanks to my mentor-Mr. Tri, my sponsor Mrs. Kim Chi – Mr Tri’s wife - who gave me this scholarship and their friend Mr. Chu, and a special thanks to Ms. Phi. It will be a beautiful gift if I could meet Mr Tri, Mrs Kim Chi and Mr Chu.

Nguyen Thanh Tung, 15/7/2011 in Saigon, VIETNAM

Student at Polytechnic University, in Saigon