Le Phu Dong's letter

Saigon, 21st July 2011.

I am Le Phu Dong, a student of Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications of the University of Natural Sciences in Saigon.


LE Phu Dong receives an award 

I have dreamed of attending University since I was young and now my dream is becoming a reality. As one of the first recipients of the Vietnam Student Development Fund scholarship, I am glad to have the opportunity to thank you personally for your generosity. Without scholarship funds like yours, there would be many students such as myself unable to pursue the career they've dreamed of.

Dong-award1Dong-award2Dong-award3Le Phu Dong received awards


 2012: Dong has brilliantly defended his diploma work and now is posing with his professor Mr Phuc  


Le Phu Dong received a scientific award from Vice Premier Nguyen Thien Nhan in Hanoi on 18-11-2012.(Thanh nien picture)
Dong's trip to HAnoi was co-sponsored by the VNSDF-Hope for tomorrow.



Le Phu Dong, standing 4th from the left, with his scientific award " Young creator national scientific award"
(Tuoi tre's photo)


donglp-giaykhen 1



Le Phu Dong's new award: third prize; creativity in science & technology, in Saigon, on June 13th, 2013

and award in 2012 in Saigon:




Ms Phi, a founding member of VNSDF, has helped me in many things. I remember that I followed her to a fair about U.S. Education when she was in Saigon, when we met a Professor to ask some information about studying abroad, he asked her :


“Is this your son ?” Truly, she is like a mother. Besides, Mr Chau Nguyen, my sponsor in Washington DC, has also helped me so much about studying and future jobs because he works in the field related to my major. The VNSDF is not only supporting me financially but also providing me some training in English skills, as well as advice about getting a scholarship to study abroad. The sponsor/mentor can also help a student find a job in the future.


My future plans include graduation, I will work in Vietnam some years, then I’d like to find a scholarship to go to study abroad for example in the US. After that, I will come back to Vietnam to work and will be able to help those less fortunate and the vulnerable people in society.




Le Phu Dong