Medical student Duong Van Ninh's letter

Can Tho, April 25th,, 2014


Dear Ms. Phi, and all sponsors as well as volunteers of  the Vietnam Student Development Fund,


3rd year CTUMP medical student Duong Van Ninh

          I am writing to express my sincere thanks to Ms. Phi, Ms. Uyen, Ms. Phuong,  Dr. Dat,  Dr. Vinh, Dr Thái as well as all VNSDF-HELVIETMED sponsors, Dr P. Mirimanoff and the Medical Society of Beaulieu, Geneva for your support, not only financial to help me study but also psychological. I’d like to express my feelings about many things I have received when becoming a member of the large Helvietmed- VNSDF family. 

2-Duong Van Ninh Bang diem 2012-2013

2012-13 grade transcript

When I passed the entrance exam to Can Tho University of Medicine and Pharmacy (CTUMP), majoring in General practice, all people in my family were very happy. Seeing their pride about me, I set a lot of goals and armed myself with determination for the hard way to the university ahead of me. My father is a motorbike taxi driver and my mother earns money by selling vegetables. With the small amount of money they earned each day, I was always well aware how many difficulties my family had to sufferespecially when I was going to enter the university. However, I felt much moved when my father said: “ try your best to study hard,my son, we’ll make more efforts to support you along your study” .Because my elder brother was studying at Saigon University of Transport, my younger sister at high school and I was also attending Can Tho University now, our life became more and more difficult. To my parents, their great pride was to see us study well and become good citizens in society, so that was also a motivation for my attempts to get a better life.

3-Giay xac nhan gia dinh kho khan

Paper from Kien Giang authorities confirming that the family faces financial problems

I realized that everything in life is not simple when I left my beloved island, Phu Quoc. Entering university, I had to worry about many things: financial problems,money for renting a room, learning expenses, food pricesetc…that were increasing month by month with inflation in Vietnam. I had to do part-time jobs to earn more money to pay for them. I used to be an assistant for selling shoes at Ninh Kieu quay in the evening,distributing leaflets, a waiter for restaurants  etc. I found many ways to save money for ex. begging for old books to study or asking school cleaners to take discarded pens for me to use.... Despite difficulties, I always keptjoy and optimism in my mind because my familywas always besides me and supported me to go to school, so that i could follow my heart!I think many people have even more difficulties, more painful situations but they still keep their optimism and try to escape from a bad fate. These things make me feel stronger to keep my faith. 

4giay khen-CLBviTreTho

 Award for community service from Children Support Club 

Giay khen Hoa Trang Nguyen

Hoa Trang Nguyen award for being an excellent high school student

5-Đón tân sinh viên-CLBHMND

Welcome ceremony for new students of the Club for humanitarian blood donations

6-Giữ trật tự cho đại hội CLB Hiến máu nhân đạo

 Ninh maintaining order at the Club for humanitarian blood donations' meeting

7-Tập huấn tuyên truyền vận động hiếnmáu

Training for promotion of humanitarian blood donations in Can Tho

8-CLBHMNDTổ chức 8-3

The Can Tho Club for humanitarian blood donations organising Women's Day, MArch 8th

The Helvietmed-VNSDF scholarship is the great thing I have received. When I knew that I was chosen to receive this scholarship, many feelings, thoughts which I cannot describe with any words jumped to my heart and mind, I was overjoyed and moved to tears . I would like to give my honest thanks to the Helvietmed-VNSDF sponsors and the VNSDF family for giving me this great motivation. The scholarship is a meaningful gift for my family to overcome many difficulties. Besides that, I have learned many things from many people in VNSDF such as social skills, Internet specialized search techniques, methods to study English well, some different characteristics between Eastern and Western cultures, critical thinking, and positive thinking. Especially, I gained more good friends from whom I have learned many valuable things about their endeavors. After reading many letters on VNSDF website, I realized that I have to try more and more to deserve the love and care which members in our VNSDF family have given to me. Thanks to Ms Phi for reminding me what I should or should not do and that some mistakes need to be corrected. Thanks to all sponsors to give many valuable presents to us. VNSDF has become for me a second family where I always have happy and warm feelings.

9-Sau buổi hiến máu

After a blood donation day

I promise to study harder and harder to reach my dream and also not to betray your expectation.  Last but not least, I wish Ms. Phi, Ms. Uyen, Ms. Phuong, Dr. Vinh, Dr. Dat, all members of Helvietmed-VNSDF and the Medical Society of Beaulieu sponsors  health, happiness and success in life!

10-Bs Uyen trao HB cho Duong Van Ninh

 Dr Uyen HUYNH-DO, HELVIETMED's vice-president, giving the joint HELVIETMED-VNSDF scholarship to Ninh at Can Tho University, on Aug.18th, 2013

Yours sincerely, 

CTUMP  medical student Duong Van Ninh,  Can Tho, Vietnam, 25.4.2014

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