Huynh Minh Dong's letter

Dear Viet Nam Student Development Fund and Paribas Foundation!


Huynh Minh Dong,  Economy student in Saigon

I’m Huynh Minh Dong, a third year student at Sai Gon Economics University. I’m majoring in International Business. I was born in Thot Not district, Can Tho City so I must rent a room in the University Dormitory to study in Sai Gon. About my family: I live with my younger brother and elder sister  now. My father died when I was 6 years old. My mother had tried harder to feed my family by herself while my mom had been a poor farmer with a low income. Especially, when I had studied in Ly Tu Trong Specialized High School in the Center of Can Tho City,  40 kilometers away from my home,the cost of studying there was quite expensive. My mother passed away from working too hard, illness and exhaustion when I was in 12th grade at Ly Tu Trong Specialized High School, this situation obliged my sister, me, my brother to take care of ourselves alone. Now, my brother lives with my aunt and is studying at a College in Can Tho and my sister has married and she has two children. Understanding the hardship faced by my mother, I tried my best to study to catch up with classmates who had much better conditions than me at high school. I passed the University Entrance Exam with a grade of 26/30 for Can Tho Univ. of Medicine and 24.5/30 for Economics University in Saigon. When I got into the University, it was really difficult for me, I did not have any support from anyone. But, I know that my mother had been working hard to let me get into school that day so I could not give up. I have a dream which is to build my own import-export company to support farmers to sell their products at a fair price on the national and international markets, and thus contribute to the development of Viet Nam’s economy. I tried in the University years to find some Foundation to pay a part of my costs such as renting a room in the Dormitory, food and tuition fees at the University….I also worked part-time as a tutor to earn money for my study. Getting through all difficulties, I not only studied in my class, I also joined many volunteer activities outside. I participated in The Green Summer campaign which went to Dak Song district, Dak Nong province to help residents and students there repair some roads, do homework review for high school students, teach them how to draw, sing, play games together… I and my friends also organized some volunteer days for my class when we went to some orphanages such as Thien Duyen, Phat Huy to chat, play games with children there. When I have a chance to see, understand, and feel sympathy for orphan children, I feel that I’m in better position than many, many people in my country. It makes me try harder, harder than even before!


Grade transcript


Grade transcript (2)


University Entrance Exam grade for CTUMP,Can Tho,  he got 26/30

5-Giay trung tuyen DHKT

University Entrance Exam grade for Saigon Economics University , he got 24.5/30 and chose this University


Certificate from authorities confirming that the family has lots of financial problems, he's an orphan

7-Mai am Phat Huy 4 2014

Community service:visit and work at Phat Huy orphanage

8-Mai am Thien Duyen 9 2013

Visit at Thien Duy orphanage

When I received the VNSDF Scholarship, I was very happy and less nervous for myself about the question how to pay my study costs. It is a big support for me to have money to go to English Center, join a skill-building class outside… I promise to try my best in my study to have the best results according to my ability, to please my sponsor, the PARIBAS’Coup de pouce program.


Visit and work at Thien Duy  center of social assistance for children

10-Mua he xanh 2013 Dak Nong

Community service: working during Green Summer campaign in Dak Nong

11-Mua he xanh 2014 Dak Nong

Green Summer campaign, the VNSDF encourages community service and respect for the environment

12-15.03.14 Trao hoc Bong cho Huynh Minh Dong-Paribas Grant

Dong receives the scholarship from VNSDF treasurer Ms Minh Phuong on 15-3-14

Thanks to Viet Nam Student Development Fund and Paribas Foundation for giving me a chance to build a future better than my past. I will try harder to build up my strengths, improve myself every day, focus my efforts to reach my dream day by day. With deep gratitude, I wish that all VNSDF members and Paribas Foundation will be always healthy, happy and successful.

Sincerely,HUỲNH MINH ĐÔNG, 3rd year Economy student, University of Economics, in Saigon, Vietnam, 21.5.2014

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