Dear Paribas Foundation and Viet Nam Student Development Fund,

 1-Hinh the-SV Vu Thi Ngan

Vu Thi Ngan, new 2013 scholarship recipient in Can Tho

My full name is Vu Thi Ngan and I am from Nam Dinh. I am a second- year student majoring in Economics at Can Tho University (CTU). My family had six people: my parents, my sisters and me. My parents are farmers. Our life wasn't too difficult until my father died suddenly in a traffic accident in December, 2011. My family had troubles both in the material and psychological sense then. We had financial problems because my parents had borrowed money from the bank and other people to use for my family's work and support us. My father, who was a main wage earner in my family, suddenly died, whereas my mother's health got weaker and weaker so our family got below poverty line. My elder sisters were learning at university, my younger sister was studying at secondary school and I was preparing for the most important exam in my life, the University Entrance Exam. This was really the time that I was in panic and afraid about my plans for studying in the future.

 2-GiaykhenHS gioi-VuThiNgan

Ngân's Prize in 12th grade as a good student in English

3-Giay xac nhan ho ngheo-VuThiNgan

Certificate from authorities that the family lives below poverty level, Ngân is a half-orphan

4-Thu gioi thieu-VuThiNgan

Recommendation letter from a high school teacher

Sometimes, I had the intention to give up my dream of continuing to study at university and instead wanted to find a job to earn money to help my family. However, my mother was always besides me, encouraged me to overcome the difficulties and achieve success because it was my father's dream when he was alive. Then, I made a decision to continue my dream of studying more and more and becoming a useful person for society in the future.

 5-Giay bao trung tuyen-VuThiNgan

She passed the University Entrance Exam with a good score: 23/30

6-bang diem hoc ki 1 nam 2012- 2013- VuThiNgan

Grade transcript in semester 1, 2012-13: Ngan is a  very good student (A student,with GPA: 3.88/4)

Now, I realize that my decision was right because many people were concerned about me and helped me more when I had these troubles in my life. The Viet Nam Student Development Fund ( VNSDF) is really the Home, where I can learn and receive many good things. It helps me not only about material conditions but also in spirit. I can pay for my tuition fees and living costs, thus decreasing the burden for my mother.


Ngân volunteering in the tutoring campaign for AnThoi high school students


Ngan volunteering in the community group Studenthope in Vinh Long


Ngan interviewing high school students with Studenthope members in Tra Vinh

I also participate in training workshops to learn and exchange with people such as Ms. Phi, Ms. Phuong and others about knowledge, skills and experiences. It is really useful and significant for me. I can study how to help other poor people from the VNSDF volunteers’and members’ enthusiasm and learn how to live a meaningful life. Facing the difficulty in meeting directly, we created an online VNSDF group to contact each other. We usually have exchanges about interesting and hot topics in life such as society, health and human behaviour. This is the way to maintain and develop group's activities. I feel excited and have fun when we discuss about these subjects.


Ngan receiving the VNSDF scholarship sponsored by the PARIBAS's Foundation


Dr Phi, VNSDF coordinator, gives the scholarship to Vu Thi Ngan with words of encouragement

I have also joined several community activities in the Mekong Delta, please see the photos.

I  want to  send my sincere thanks to Paribas Foundation’s Coup de Pouce program and the Viet Nam Student Development Fund for helping a poor orphan like me attain her dream. I hope  the VNSDF will develop more and more strongly in the future  and give more chances to poor Vietnamese students like me. Thank you again!




Vu Thi Ngan in Can Tho, March 31, 2014

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