Introduction to Vietnam Student Development Fund (VNSDF)

The Vietnam Student development Fund (VNSDF) has been created in 2009 to support good students coming from poor families in VN. The VNSDF provides these good students chosen after a competitive application and interview process with a scholarship that pays their tuition fees throughout the whole university study. The VNSDF will also offer a training program to these students.

03.04.11-Students and volunteers new 

VNSDF's students and volunteers

In Vietnam, there are many students who are in a difficult financial situation, particularly those who come from poor families living in rural areas. For them, life in the city, the costs of living, rentals, transport, are very expensive due to a high inflation* in Vietnam. In particular, the annual university tuition fees that can represent 2 to 5 times the monthly salary of a factory worker or a hired farm worker represent a heavy burden for poor families. It is expected that the tuition fees will increase even more in the next 5 years, with a steep increase in particular for branches such as medicine, pharmacy, technology, but also for other branches. Therefore these poor students are obliged to find other sources to finance the cost of studying. If a severe illness or any dramatic event like an accident or loss of a parent happens in the family, these students might be at risk of dropping out of University. Students whose families cannot help them might be forced to work many extra hours to support themselves and that might prevent them from concentrating on their study and having good marks at the University. It’s important for students to get good grades at graduation in order to get a good job later because the labor market is very competitive with hundreds of thousands of young people graduating every year in the whole country.

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