Le Van Xuan's testimony


Le Van Xuan is the tall guy on left side of the picture.

“I have received a VNSDF scholarship since 2009 and I still keep it up to now. As many poor students, when I first entered the university in the big city, I have faced various challenges regarding financial issues, living far away from home, and trying to adapt to a new environment. Unfortunately, I lost my father when I was young and my mother was often sick. While my family was facing most difficult conditions, VNSDF brought me hope by giving me an important sum of money to pay for tuition fees every semester. At that time, I was really happy and no one can describe how big my joy was! I still cannot believe that this happened to me. VNSDF has not only been giving me financial assistance, I also received an invaluable another gift “Hope”. Thank you so much to VNSDF organization, Miss Phi, Alyce, Phuong who give me opportunities to continue my studies.

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