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The  NGO ( non-governmental organization) Vietnam Student Development Fund ( VNSDF ) is a  non-political, non religious, non-profit  organization founded in 2009 with a humanitarian goal and based in SAigon,  Vietnam. We have a vision to create a worldwide powerful network of financial support, counseling & mentoring and a skill-building program to develop leadership capacity among good students who will make a difference in Vietnam.

Our flagship programs are our charitable program of scholarships for poor students and our training program.

Our objective is to be a driving force in society that will push hard-working,  bright and ambitious young Vietnamese towards success by giving them guidance, advice, scholarships when needed and opportunities for personal and career growth. Our goal is to inspire them to cultivate free,independent & creative thinking, intellectual power, strength of character, professional competence, ethical conduct and a sense of social & environmental responsibility for the progressive and sustainable development of Vietnam.

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Conditions for admission

The Vietnam Student Development Fund (VNSDF) scholarship/fellowship program:

The official address of our association is in Saigon, Vietnam. Four members of the executive committee are based in this city. The sponsors are found worldwide.


Location:  The VNSDF works with the Universities in 2 cities of Vietnam: Saigon, the biggest city and economic center of Vietnam and Can Tho, the capital of the Mekong Delta.

At the moment, we don’t work with other cities of Vietnam due to difficulties in finding sponsors, in a context of international   economic and financial crisis. But if a sponsor-mentor  wants to support a particular student in another city, via the VNSDF,  he might contact us. We are flexible and open to partnerships with other associations, organizations or individual sponsors.

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