Conditions for admission

The Vietnam Student Development Fund (VNSDF) scholarship/fellowship program:

The official address of our association is in Saigon, Vietnam. Four members of the executive committee are based in this city. The sponsors are found worldwide.


Location:  The VNSDF works with the Universities in 2 cities of Vietnam: Saigon, the biggest city and economic center of Vietnam and Can Tho, the capital of the Mekong Delta.

At the moment, we don’t work with other cities of Vietnam due to difficulties in finding sponsors, in a context of international   economic and financial crisis. But if a sponsor-mentor  wants to support a particular student in another city, via the VNSDF,  he might contact us. We are flexible and open to partnerships with other associations, organizations or individual sponsors.



Conditions to  be admitted in the VNSDF program:

The VNSDF wants to support the best , most active students,  it is a merit-based scholarship/fellowship.

Five Conditions:  There are 5 conditions, all 5 will be examined carefully. The application is competitive, we will choose the best students according to a score based on 5 criteria, the maximum score for each criterion is 4/4, and for the 5 criteria 20/20.

1)       Academic results:  University  GPA  of at least 7/10 beginning with University Entrance Exam.

One of the most important criteria is the student’s score at the University Entrance Exam (UEE). The UEE is a nation-wide exam, administered in different categories (A:  Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry,   B: Maths, Chemistry, Biology etc…) and the most objective parameter of academic performance since it is the same for all provinces of VN.  (After that, grading might vary at different universities because some schools for ex, Medical school , Polytechnic University in Saigon…,  are much more difficult than others and more severe in grading).

Students who want to be admitted in the VNSDF program should have a GPA of at least 7/10 at the University and at least 21/30 at the UEE (For 1st  year students). First year students who haven’t taken any Univ.  exam yet, must have a grade of 8/10 (A students or very good students) at least during the 3 last years of secondary school. Academic  awards, especially at provincial or better at national  level,  and recommendations from professors will be considered.

Junior students who have a  University  grade of >8/10 (A student) or >24/30 at the University  Entrance Exam  ( for 1st  year students ) will be favored. A student who receives a score of    > 27/30 (excellent or A+ student) at the UEE will be given priority. For senior students, we will give more importance to the current University GPA and academic awards for scientific research.

2)       The student must be active at school, in the community and in society:

A student who receives scientific awards for his performance or research projects at school, or is active in community service ( volunteering in extra-curricular activities like Green Summer campaign, help to provincial students coming to town for the UEE, charitable medical missions for medical  students etc…) will receive a high score for this criterion.

Part-time work during studies will be considered, proving that the student is striving towards financial independence. Active participation in the VNSDF activities, projects, workshops, discussion groups, contribution to the VNSDF ‘s growth will be given high consideration for the year to year renewal of the  scholarship. Students who want to become VNSDF volunteers after graduation will be viewed most favorably and given priority over others.


3)       Efforts to learn foreign languages, English in particular:

We encourage students to speak English, since English is one of the VNSDF working languages, besides Vietnamese. English is for us an essential tool to attain a high scientific level and become a good professional.  Since French is the working language for one of our partners, HELVIETMED, that supports medical students, the ability of medical students to speak French will also be considered. The capacity to speak a foreign language will be assessed during initial interviews. Participation in an English or French Club will be a positive point.


4)       Leadership capacity:

This criterion will be based on past and current activities of the student, at school, in his/her class or in community-based groups or organizations, Clubs, Youth summits & camps etc...

One of the objectives of the VNSDF is to train students to become future leaders in different areas of Vietnamese society, thanks to our training, skill-building & mentoring program.


5)       Good character and socially responsible behavior in society:

Following features of character will matter: the student should show respect to professors/mentors,   be a good team player, have good communication/networking skills, a good interaction with the VNSDF, sponsors and fellow VNSDF students, be supportive of friends, be willing to help students in the same situation, care for others and the environment, show an ethical behavior, good work ethics and a feeling of social responsibility in society, etc

We will assess this admission criterion in the VNSDF program by questioning people who know the student at school or during extra-curricular activities.


Students who apply and fulfill the 5 criteria will be received in the VNSDF program after case-by-case review of application files and interviews by the Executive committee. Decisions are final.

Financial situation: Students in economic difficulties must show a paper from authorities certifying that the family lives below or near poverty line, or has financial problems, and will receive a VNSDF scholarship.  In case of doubt, home visits might take place. Students without money problems can become volunteers and participate in the training program. There will be an ongoing evaluation of students according to the 5 criteria during the scholarship years. If financial conditions change, scholarship recipients must inform the executive committee. The student might lose the scholarship if the 5 conditions are not fulfilled. After graduation, students are encouraged to become VNSDF volunteers and give back to the program to support future generations of Vietnamese students and thus contribute to the country’s development.

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