Vision, Mission, Values


The  NGO ( non-governmental organization) Vietnam Student Development Fund ( VNSDF ) is a  non-political, non religious, non-profit  organization founded in 2009 with a humanitarian goal and based in SAigon,  Vietnam. We have a vision to create a worldwide powerful network of financial support, counseling & mentoring and a skill-building program to develop leadership capacity among good students who will make a difference in Vietnam.

Our flagship programs are our charitable program of scholarships for poor students and our training program.

Our objective is to be a driving force in society that will push hard-working,  bright and ambitious young Vietnamese towards success by giving them guidance, advice, scholarships when needed and opportunities for personal and career growth. Our goal is to inspire them to cultivate free,independent & creative thinking, intellectual power, strength of character, professional competence, ethical conduct and a sense of social & environmental responsibility for the progressive and sustainable development of Vietnam.



We are committed to:

  • Connecting high-achieving students to experienced professionals who will be their sponsors or mentors and serve as an example or a source of guidance and inspiration
  • Producing highly qualified young Vietnamese professionals through a dynamic online training program, English teaching program, ongoing mentoring, workshops and other events
  • Using participatory and democratic methods in our program, transparency towards our partners
  • Helping our students and young professionals find good jobs thanks to our network
  • Inspiring a sense of social responsibility and work ethics
  • Promoting education & health, scientific innovation, community-building, social entrepreneurship for economic development  in Vietnam
  • Empowering young women & girls in a perspective of social & gender equality
  • Supporting children, adolescents and young people coming from socially disadvantaged backgrounds in various aspects of our community development program and partnerships with local organizations in VN
  • Helping each of our members (either volunteers or students) achieve his/her dream and reach his/her full potential, for the harmonious development of the individual, and use his/her talents for the benefits of society, for the sustainable development of the country, in line with our name, the Vietnam Student Development Fund.


Our values are the values of HUMANISM

Here are some fundamental principles based on our love of humanity that  define what we stand for: 

 the respect of the human being, respect for life, feeling that human beings on this earth are connected ,

 belief that every human being has a talent that he/she can contribute to society and a capacity  for life-long continuous self-improvement that he/she should train are our core values.

  • Strive to attain best results: We are devoted to training good, socially active students & young professionals with ambitions, a  willingness to learn and great potential. We encourage both individual initiative, innovative thinking & creativity, problem-solving capacity, communication skills, and teamwork
  • Leadership: We promote a dedication to serving the development of the country to achieve peace, democracy, scientific excellence, environmental sustainability, economic growth and prosperity in Vietnam
  • Integrity & social justice: We offer opportunities based on merit, talent, and hard work, especially to students coming from families with financial difficulties & poor provinces.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: We foster a friendly, open-minded environment that encourages free discussion, openness to others, multicultural, multidisciplinary & multilateral points of view, conversations at all levels within our organization, including feedback from sponsors/mentors and students
  • Adaptability to societal needs and readiness for change: our organization will evolve with time, according to a constant self-evaluation and feedback from our partners
If you agree with our values and principles, please join us as a sponsor or volunteer!
We are open to partnerships with other organizations in the WEst or in Vietnam.

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